this is (almost) 30: thirty things i know now

How are the birthday week blog-a-brations going in your neck of the woods?


I’m a youngen. A spring chicken. Though I’ve still got a lot of learning to do and wisdom to gain; here are 30 (in another non-numbered list…the things I do for you, Laur) tidbits of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way:

  • 30 is not old; heck, I’ve only been and adult for 12 years and only felt like an adult for a few years (5 years max)
  • don’t apologize for how you’re feeling – angry, sad, whiney, deliriously happy – own it (I’m a crier, I’ve accepted it)
  • find a pair of jeans that make your ass look real good (I’m still on the hunt)
  • I do me – i have great taste in music (others may disagree), the worst taste in movies, haven’t seen a show nominated in this year’s Emmy’s, and have a long list of “ewww” foods- don’t care
  • be nice to other people (and stop being mean to strangers)
  • be a little mysterious
  • find a signature scent
  • have at least one thing that will always make you smile – a song. a movie. ice cream.
  • know your friends’ Starbucks orders and occasionally surprise them with it
  • flowers. Buy yourself flowers. Often
  • stop with the cosmos – drink a big girl drink
  • travel. Can’t afford a  vacation? explore some place local – bring the camera and ditch the phone. Waiting 24 hours to respond to a text is ok and let’s be honest, no one is gonna call
  • snail mail. Everyone loves it. Sending notes not your thing? send an email out of the blue, let people know you’re thinking about them
  • live on your own. Pay your own bills; all of them, every month, on time
  • go outside. Walking, running, picnics in the park, dipping your toes in the ocean
  • don’t wait for other people to make you happy
  • eliminate negativity. Attempt to eliminate (like unfriend on the FB, unfollow on the twitter…not like hire a professional to off them) people who bring negativity into your life
  • having regrets is ok; learn from them
  • be genuine and polite; hold doors open for people, say thank you and mean it
  • look people in the eye when you “cheers” them
  • hug more (not randomly. hug people who are ok with you getting up in their personal space)
  • own a decent bed, couch, and winter coat
  • stop googling your ex-bf/gf/plus one. You know the one who broke your heart, moved on too quickly, and is now married. (I’m assuming)
  • don’t be afraid of true love; and don’t be ashamed that you’re 30 and single
  • acknowledge your bad habits and work on changing them (I don’t bite my nails anymore)
  • own actual art; upgrade those posters, or at the very least, frame them or frame your photographs
  • stop succumbing to peer pressure
  • know what you’re looking for in a plus one but be willing to accept someone who doesn’t tick every box on your list
  • figure out how to spend time alone without being lonely
  • asking for help does not make you weak

Is there something that has shaped the way you live your life? Do share! 


ps: how much would I love a pink birthday cake this year! (very much. always say yes to pink. and things that sparkle. and cake.)


4 thoughts on “this is (almost) 30: thirty things i know now

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  2. You’re brilliant! And this is a great list!

    Here’s one thing I know now: Things always work out. They may not work out the way you had in mind or the way you wish, but things will always work out and for the best.

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