this is (almost) 30: re-evaluating the “5 year plan”

Thanks for the record number of blog visits yesterday y’all; you sure know how to make a girl feel loved! The birthday week blog-a-bration continues today with a little reminiscing and exploring a new 5 year plan.


Lets turn back time a little (yup, totally singing this). It’s early 2006: I’m in my last semester of University; months away from hanging a very expensive piece of paper from the University of Guelph’s College of Social and Applied Human Sciences on my wall. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and have even less of an idea of how an Honours degree in Sociology is going to make me a grown up. It’s early 2006: I’ve been dating the same fella for over 3 years. A few months ago he gave me a diamond pendant necklace for my 22nd birthday, obviously the first step to a big ol’ engagement ring (oh, how cute and naive 22 year old me was). It’s early 2006: I make a 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year plan.

The plan included where I hoped to work (that one actually happened – I was hired at the University of Guelph in October 2006); it included a small home with a white picket fence (but actually; that kinda stuff exists in Guelph); it included a committed plus one (we broke up in November….oh, um, actually exactly 7 years ago today); it included that big ol’ engagement ring (negative); it included a plan for a family (negative). It included a lot of ideals that 22 year olds on the cusp of major life changes think they want. It didn’t include ice cream and cat-jamas.

I found that 5 year plan tucked into a box in the spring. I just stared at it. Who was this person who hardly knew herself but wanted to get married? Who was this person who made a list of things not a list of ways to be happy. (Props for putting “travel more” on the list 22 year old me, you got that one right) What would be on your 5 year plan now I thought? Something happened, I forgot about the box and the plan.

Last week I found Robin Hoffman’s This is 30: The Truth Behind Being Solo at 30 and thoughts of the 5 year plan came flooding back. “You’re going to be 30 soon” I thought. Followed quickly by “Shit kid, 22 year old you is judging so hard core right now” and “efffffff, what the heck DO I want to be when I grow up?”

I thought about work. I work for my Dad in a small family run business. If I had cat-jamas (I have searched for a photo of cat-jamas, mostly so you can stop thinking I’m crazy, but I have to get up in 5 hours….so search over), I would swap them for sweats and a t-shirt while making coffee and setting into my office, 20 paces from my bed. Work does not suck. Yes I technically work on vacation, but I can still be in Georgia for as long as I like. I can go grocery shopping on Tuesdays (AND get the student discount; baby face). A big win in the work column.

I thought about the plus one. Snuggles – good. Constant companionship, not so sure (I have grown very accustomed to living alone). Cooking for more than one person, not being the only single person at family functions, someone to drive me places when it’s dark/raining/snowing – all good. Giving up the crushes, having to buy groceries or do laundry more often than once every few weeks, or compromising on the glitter accessories – not so sure. A question mark in the plus one category. Which obviously leads to question marks in the engagement ring and family categories.

I was going to create a new 5 year plan before my 30th birthday then thought better of it. In the words of Ms. Velma Kelly “No, I’m no one’s wife. But, oh, I love my life”. I’m learning every day. It’s most important to me to do things that make my heart happy. To make me happy.

Screw a 5 year plan; I’m a day-to-day girl now (as long as I have my agenda to keep it all organized).


So, 5 year plan (maybe you have goals? Other than make my heart happy, I haven’t really made any of those either) or day to day? What works for you?


4 thoughts on “this is (almost) 30: re-evaluating the “5 year plan”

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  2. This post makes me want to hug 22 year old Allison as much as I’d hug 29 year old Allison right now.

    I love that you once wrote a five-year plan. I think about it often, but never get it together enough to follow through. I’d love to have something to look back at what I was expecting from my life. I like those kinds of reference points because I think they make me that much more aware of how much has changed.

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