this is (almost) 30: thirty things you (probably) don’t know about me

Happy Monday, internet friends! How would you feel about a week-long blog-a-bration? Why you ask? Well, it’s birthday week! This coming Sunday marks my 30th birthday and we’re gonna count it down in style.


No numbered lists, no things you must do before day 364 at 11:59pm in your 29th year. Just a little reminiscing, a couple of my favourite things I’ve learned along the way, and a guest post about the great things about being in your 30s.

I’ve shared more than 250 of my favourite things over the last almost 2 years. To start off birthday week, how about 30 things you may not know about me: (there is 30, but sister really doesn’t like numbered lists…so, 30 things, the unnumbered edition)

  • I will always gravitate towards polka dots. Always.
  • I make a lettuceless salad 99% of the time…and eat it with a spoon
  • I was the kid who chose salad over pizza; pizza still is not my favourite food
  • i was a legit ginger as a kid and I’ve been mourning that my hair got darker for the last 27 years
  • my toenails have had nail polish on them every day so far this year
  • other than New Kids on the Block, I didn’t know a current, top 40 song until I was in the fifth grade (oldies for life!)
  • I don’t like leftovers; as long as I make it fresh, I will eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for days on end
  • i have small hands
  • i love side swept bangs, but I am the laziest haircutter and they typically always grow out before I can maintain bangs
  • I really like math; I actually took University calculus as an elective
  • I wish I had a job that involved a lot of travel
  • airports and hotels are 2 of my favourite places; I imagine a glorious back story for myself
  • cats > dogs
  • I am almost always simultaneously shivering cold and sweating; I have terrible internal temperature control
  • I hate driving; I will do just about anything to not travel in rain or snow or after the sun has set
  • dating freaks me out
  • I have never seen a horror movie
  • I adore fall; for the most part I’ve stopped sweating just by stepping outside, leaves are turning, I can wear my favourite shoes, but I think gourds (squashes, pumpkins) are awful
  • I am incredibly money savvy; all those “tips” articles are useless because those things are instinctive to me (also, it’s frugal not cheap)
  • the smell of peanut butter makes me want to vomit
  • bears – panda, polar, brown, black – are my favourite animal
  • I make my Mom banana bread almost every time I see her; she loves it (obvs) but I don’t care for it
  • I have never purchased black pepper; I can’t stand it
  • I think it’s strange for people to choose to wear mismatched socks
  • “I’m just always late” and “I’m not good with names” are bullshit excuses; you’re choosing to disrespect people
  • people joke I’m a huge creepster, but I actually just have a good memory. If I read something about you/someone tells me something about you, I just remember it
  • I’m a dental nightmare – I’ve had my palate cracked and widened (super ouch) and braces; twice. Perk of being single? Don’t have to worry about grossing a man out with my retainer (
  • I have naturally long lashes, but mascara is always still a must
  • yes to whisky, no to scotch, yes to bourbon (with salt)
  • I don’t like naps

So there you have it. Now, what’s something I don’t know about you? (sharing is caring)

Hope y’all will e-celebrate with me this week.


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