friday, i’m in love


  • Yah, I sorta-kinda (most absolutely) need a fall/winter pair of Toms.
  • Tuesday was National Cat Day. Did you celebrate? After grocery shopping, work, and a 5km walk, I snuggled into flannel pjs and had soup for dinner while watching NCIS:LA and a few episodes of Hart of Dixie season one on DVD. The cat lady spirit is alive and well in me (even if I currently don’t have any cats) (my target doesn’t have the cat-jamas I’ve been seeing all over instagram. I really wanted me some cat-jamas).
  • Being late all the time is not ok. Must read Huffington Post article about how perpetual lateness is rude and inconsiderate and a bad business practice. (and if you leave me waiting for more than 7 minutes I’ll probably hate you by the time you show up). I could go on and on and on about how people consistently being late means they’re a total jerk (it’s not a trait or genetics, it’s a choice, and you’re an asshole), but I’ll save you my rant.
  • Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Make your heart happy; be a lovely person; do something nice for someone today. (a team of RAK’ers in Guelph were at the mall this morning, I saw a volunteer give a big hug to an elderly woman………and then I cried in the bathroom for 10 minutes. While I don’t believe in random hug day – get out of my personal space – condoned big hugs to super cute old ladies makes me so happy. And I’m a softie)
  • More hug things? THIS!
  • For a number of reasons the surprise was ruined, but I get to see sister for a bit from Sunday-Tuesday. I can not describe the joy this brings me.
  • Cause I’m not cool I kinda don’t love Halloween. I do love watching Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 31st though. Also? “fun size” isn’t fun once you’re over the age of 4. And eating 14 fun size kit-kats makes you feel a bit sick…not fun.
  • In preparation for cooler temps and chapped lips, may I suggest Baby Lips? The greatest balm/moisturizer (with spf!) I’ve found; even comes tinted. Love these. 
  • Look what else I glittered!! It took a few days cause I waited for each side to dry at least half a day before flipping. But it looks amazing.
  • Reminders: Kate Spade accessories are in Chapters.Indigo stores today (along with a lot of beautiful holiday decor) Starbucks red cups and holiday drinks are available tomorrow.

What are you loving this week? 


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