friday, i’m in love

2013-10-19 11.13.21-1

  • My first Cinnamon Dolce latte of the fall! I’ve said for years that the Cinnamon Dolce latte tastes like a big hug, and my latte last weekend did not disappoint. My all time favourite is still the holiday special Caramel Brulee (in a hot climate? try it iced, soooo good). Red cups on November 2nd, y’all.
  • Completely irrational pet peeve? When people wear mis-matched socks.
  • It seems Southern Ontario jumped from summer to winter. Oh my goodness. How about a few 11-14 degree days, mother nature? Cause 20 one week to 1-4 the next is a bit extreme. And cold!
  • BBM makes me miss my Blackberry more than I do on a regular basis. Yah, apps are cute and fun for the most part, but actual keys are where it’s at.
  • TV Things…nothing new. Just happy as a clam in my fall tv watching routine.
  • I’m having a bit of a love affair with Kit-Kats at the moment. Maybe I am my mother’s daughter after all. Also, cinnamon bun ice cream (Irresistibles brand from Food Basics/Metro). Wow.
  • Have you tried my brussels sprouts hash yet? I’ve made it without potatoes most days this week for lunch and the sprouts with gooey, rich egg yolk and the salty bacon and the bright pop of pomegranate seeds is just about the most perfect meal ever. Until I made beef stew for dinner 2 nights ago. Meals in my house have been pretty fabulous this week!
  • I just finished reading “The Hit” by David Baldacci. Political thriller. My mind is racing. Does this happen in real life? What is going on in the White House/CIA/FBI? And how can I be a part of it?


So, what are you loving this week? Plans for the weekend? I’m checking out the Friends of Guelph Library huge book sale tonight and then painting the bathroom and spare bedroom…you know, only 4.5 years after I moved in.


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