my fave: brussels sprouts hash

This is a Monday meal. You know, when you think you should be healthy (brussels sprouts) but are missing the weekend (potatoes and bacon). A Monday dinner that eats like a Sunday brunch? Sign me up.

(BrusselS sprouts…with an S. Like the city. But it’s a veggie. Who knew?)


These 5 things – brussels sprouts, bacon, eggs, potatoes, and pomegranate seeds are pretty much my 5 favourite foods on the planet right now. And ice cream. Always ice cream.

You may call this brunch; I mean, I did just a few sentences ago. But, for me, this can’t be brunch.  In my world, brunch does not include vegetables. In my world, brunch is a fancy word for “eating a late breakfast with the addition of a mimosa”. Veggies are not welcome at my brunch. So, I made this for dinner – cause breakfast for dinner is the best. Then I made it the next day for lunch. And now I have to go buy more brussels sprouts and potatoes so I can make it again.

Brussels Sprouts with Potatoes, Bacon, Egg, and Pomegranate Seeds
(Adapted from Jessica’s Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Hash)

What you’ll need (for 1 very hungry person; easily multiplied):
2 pieces bacon
1 small-medium potato (I suppose any kind you like, I used Yukon Gold cause sweet potatoes are gross, but I hear some people think differently)
8 brussels sprouts, stems removed, cut in half lengthwise
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 or 2 eggs
a large handful of pomegranate seeds (here’s how to de-seed your pom)

How to:
Peel (if you want), dice into 1/2 inch cubes, and boil potatoes until tender. Strain, allow to cool slightly. Saute/pan fry potatoes until golden brown on all sides.

(Now, you could make the entire recipe in the same pan (see Jessica’s recipe), but I’m a bit particular about how I like my potatoes and bruseels sprouts cooked)

While the potatoes are working their magic, in a separate pan, over medium-high heat, fry your bacon. I’m typically a bacon in the microwave kinda girl, but trust me. Once crispy (always crispy), remove from pan onto paper towels then chop into small pieces. Place raw bruseels sprouts cut side down into bacon drippings/fat/grease/deliciousness (see, told you the microwave wouldn’t suffice). Cook until golden brown on the bottom, flip with tongs and reduce the heat to medium. Once golden on both sides, turn off the heat and add balsamic vinegar, cook another minute, until the vinegar is absorbed. Depending on the size of your brussels sprouts, you may want to cut them in half/bite size pieces when done.

Since you’re surely a wonder in the kitchen, the potatoes should be done about a minute or so before the brussels sprouts so you can fry the egg in the potato pan.

On a lovely plate, layer potatoes then brussels sprouts then sprinkle with bacon and pomegranate seeds and top with a fried egg.


If this doesn’t scream fall on a plate I don’t know what does.


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