friday, i’m in love


  • this is just about as close as it gets to my liking pumpkins. And no, glitter pumpkins didn’t happen (sad panda), but, I am keeping an eye out for fake pumpkins on sale so I can trash them up (SPRAY PAINT! GLITTER!) and not have to throw them out.
  • don’t even pretend you don’t do these things, too (most anyway, I’ve never really thought about #14, 25, 28, 32, 34, or 36)
  • pomegranates! I tart things (ahem: my summer lemon obsession), and pom seeds (no, I’m not calling them arils, that sounds so pretentious and douchey) are my latest find. De-seeding is actually extremely easy and shockingly relaxing. (And no, much to sister’s dismay, I didn’t smack my pom with a spoon…….which, teehee)
  • I’ve mentioned that I’m super prudeish right? Sexual innuendo makes me blush about the same colour of my beloved poms. Tonight I’m going to the Guelph Firefighters 2014 Calendar release party. I guess I’ll skip the blush? (so much “hmmmmmm”, sister**)
  • TV things…I’m having a bit of a love/hate thing with Betrayal. I love it; the story lines are so out of the realm of my everyday life that I can really just get lost in what they’re selling. I hate it because sometimes it hits too close to home where I think there are very, very few people in happy long-term relationships. Stop making me think about real life, TV.
  • In other TV news, TV men are ruining real men for me. Slow clap for the very attractive, charismatic, smooth talkers gracing my screen each week. But because I have issues, I’m most attracted to the TV men who have/are cheating on their +1.  What’s wrong with me? (Don’t answer that)
  • I have been rocking the flip flips till yesterday, but I think fall is finally here. I’ll miss you 20 degree October days. You were my favourite.

What’s been awesome in your week? Any fun plans this weekend?


** inside joke: my mom “hmm’s” every time something remotely sexy/sexual happens in a movie or TV show; she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. Sister and I love making fun of her for it. Watching these scenes with Mom is hilarious; less so when she does it in a movie theatre.


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