my fave: kate spade

Oh my. Oh my my.


Black and white. And polka dots. And stripes. And hints of gold and pink! Purses and wallets (what does a girl have to do to get a laptop bag or a few wallets added to the Chapters.Indigo line?). Stationary and cards and gift tags and agendas. And party supplies. I’m freaking out. FREAKING OUT.

I saw that Kate Spade would have a line at Chapters.Indigo hours after I told sister that I really didn’t want/need anything for my birthday. After I plastered my excitement all over twitter and facebook, she emails me saying “so, Kate Spade for your birthday?”. YES. I want all the things.

This is most exciting because we have 3 stores in Ontario; an outlet about 20 minutes away from me which had about  98 people in it within 4 minutes of opening a few Sundays back (this was 2 months after it opened) and the other 2 are downtown Toronto. Online ordering without a $10 shipping fee. Ah, thanks Kate!


ps: went to tried to go to the flagship store in Yorkville yesterday (all the rest of Yorkville was open EXCEPT KS and Anthropologie, wtf?!). I just want an agenda – and not one with stupid glasses or rosebuds. why is life is hard sometimes?

pps? #firstworldproblems (don’t worry, I know) 

ppps: seriously though, wallets and laptop bags?! on, and on sale, too, please!? 


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