friday, i’m in love


  • I kind of wish Fall were a thing or a person or a something so I could hug it. On the warm-ish, sunny days orange and red and yellow leaves against a bright blue sky is magnificent. On cool and rainy days, being cuddled under a blanket sipping warm drinks is also pretty great.
  • Because, gingers. Right? C’mon.
  • TV things… Betrayal: loving it. I wish it were on a little earlier than 10pm Sunday (I’m so lame); I just like making Sunday an early night, and it never turns out that way. Hart of Dixie premiered this week; so. much. (wade) love. Whoever is writing Chicago Fire this season, I effing love you. So much has happened in 3 weeks!
  • Not even a little embarrassed to tell you I am so socially awk. Most of these situations are my nightmare. (#3 – I have not got my hair cut in 14 months. #4, no idea. #12, why can you still call people on the telephone? why is this a thing? #13, HIMYM fans? “what do I normally do with my hands” ha. #15, but on instagram…or: reasons sister is not allowed to look at things on my phone. #17, “that tree is really far away” any Mitch Hedberg lovas out there?) That’s just me. I’m weird and sensitive.
  • The Memorial Crossfit Competition I helped organize last Saturday was a huge success. Thanks to Katelyn for hanging out and volunteering with me Friday and Saturday and to sister for her wonderful contacts. ENERGYbits was one of our event partners and is allowing me to share our coupon code with all you lovely peeps. Need to stock up on bits? Use the coupon code KOVACH72 for 15% off your order. (I bet you’re wondering about the boy…he’s dating someone………………..else. I’m a sad panda)
  • Katelyn brought me Girl Guides thin mints. They went right into the freezer. YUM!
  • Sports things…Cards in Pirates out, Tigers in A’s out; guess I’ll tap out of baseball till at least game 4 of the World Series. Don’t really care who wins. That’s not true, I’d prefer it not be the Dodgers.
  • Music things… Lee DeWyze: Fight. Actually released this year. That’s big for me. (Thanks Hart of Dixie for this.) And, Darius Rucker: Wagon Wheel. (Heard a great cover at Fionn McCool’s last weekend…Also, HOOTIE!)
  • Southern Men. sigh.

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