friday, i’m in love


If only it were actually sunny today…

  • the card is from a friend; surprise snail mail is the best kind. I love, love, love everything gold embossed these days.
  • I ended up picking up my Dad from the airport on Monday night which prompted an overnight stay at my parents house. Good things: the stars out in the country and over the lake are magnificent, the long drive and change of scenery got me out of a little funk I was in, a trip to the beach, and ice cream at Hewitts. Not-so-good things: somehow my parents choose to ask questions/make comments during the show, not at the commercials; 22 minutes of uninterrupted  HIMYM is too much to ask. Apparently asking if I need paper towels just can’t wait.
  • More TV things…what’s going on Mindy Project? Why are all my faves off the show? Loving Chicago Fire. Betrayal was pretty good – but sparked an in-tense inner conversation about marriage and the very few places I genuinely see content couples (tv life or real life).
  • Music things…I have listened to the Dirty Dancing sountrack every day since Sunday. Dirty Dancing can do no wrong.
  • I made super cute lemon-blueberry mini muffins for an event on Saturday – nothing fancy, box mix + lemon rind, juice, and blueberries. Breakfast is probably my favourite meal (other than ice cream), it is no exaggeration to say I had a few days this week where I ate cereal/toast/grapefruit/eggs/bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • My momma and puppy were here for a visit last night (so.much.famjam). I don’t know if you’re the prayer type or the think good thoughts type (or the go-to-hell-i-don’t-know-you type) but if you could think good thoughts for them this week, I’d be thankful – puppers is having a little surgery today and momma is having an MRI Sunday for vertigo that just won’t go away.
  • That event tomorrow? My lovely friend Katelyn is volunteering with me; since we have to up at the crack of dawn we’re having a sleepover tonight. YAY!

Happy Friday loves, I’m off to spend the next 2 days outside in the rain; the things you do for fake-love. I mean the community. Yes, right, community. I am not doing this to spend a whole lot of time with a certain b-o-y.

ps: while you’re thinking the good thoughts? toss a few out for me that I don’t get some nasty cold by the time this event is over on Saturday. why does it have to rain when people are trying to do good things?  


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