my fave: DIY lamp bases

You remember how I was bitten with the organizing-reorganizing-redecorating-crafting bug last month? New lamp bases were my first thought but second to last on follow through (art in the bedroom is still pending).

As you’ll see, there was nothing wrong with the lamps before. I was growing a little tired of black bases and a $7 can of spraypaint is a good way to spruce things up.

Before (or halfway through):


I took off the shades (which I really don’t love, but am having a hard time finding new ones), cleaned the base, taped the cord and light socket, and applied 3 thin coats (allowing to dry 20-45 minutes between each coat). I left the bases on the balcony all day and then in the bathroom overnight and the following day (spray paint is stinky!!).




What do you think?

Other DIY projects: “more” art and ottoman and I’m working on a few things to add to the bedroom art wall.

ps: on the nightstand is the new Kate Spade “Things We Love” coffee table book – which I scored for 50% off at HomeSense last weekend! A book of favourite things? It was made for me. 


2 thoughts on “my fave: DIY lamp bases

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