friday, i’m in love


Like my new mug? This was the photo I wanted to post last week, but I got sister a matching one for her birthday and she didn’t get my gifts till Wednesday night. (I got them from Chapters/Indigo, but have seen similar ones on etsy)

Before we can start with love, I need to get a little not love of my chest.  I do not love waking up at 5:39am on a Friday for no particular reason. And then not being able to fall back asleep. Also not love (and completely unrelated)? Those assholes who idle in front of stores. If everyone else has to use the parking spots, so do you. I don’t care if your wife just popped in to buy a gift card. Parking spot.

Ok, love time.

  • Know what also helps the “I can’t sleep blues”? Coffee. I bought Archer Farms Coconut Macaroon blend at Target last week and am loving it. Great flavour, very smooth, and a nice light roast. Also loving at Target? the Beaver Canoe line in Canadian stores. It’s very quintessentially Canadian-cottage chic.
  • TV things: How I Met Your Mother and Chicago Fire have been the standout premieres for me this week. What are you loving so far? (This is what I’m watching this season). Oh, and Grey’s Anatomy? 2 hours is too long. Too much drama. And of course someone died. Don’t make me say it again – Owen (FTW! he is a leftie and a ginger) and Christina just need to end it once and for all.
  • I’ve been hit with a bit of a crafting/redecorating bug since the beginning of September. It started with cleaning and organizing my office, then all the closets, and now it’s time I get my bedroom in order. This week I’ve been trying to figure out a bit of a gallery wall*. When I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for I decided to make a few things on my own. Which is a lot of fun and I’ll have some nice original “art”. Colour scheme is black and white photos and blush pink and gold art in white frames. I’ll show you once it’s all done.
  • These stickers: hearts + gold + pink = love. I ordered a few packs last night and can not wait until I can affix them to parcels, letters, cards, and a diy art project.
  • I feel like I’ve wanted to shout this from the rooftop every day, but, isn’t this the most beautiful week ever (in Southern Ontario)? Blue skies and warm temperatures with a backdrop of ever-so-slightly leaves changing colour! (unfortunately my sprained toe is still bruised and I haven’t been able to take advantage of the great weather by going on nice long walks. Having the windows open all day is a nice consolation prize, I guess)

*Got a text from sister last weekend with a photo of her art wall in her new apartment. Before seeing this I’d already had the idea of what mine would look like. Different schemes, same concept, no discussions. More proof we’re essentially the same person deep down. 


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