my fave: fall tv

Nope, not even gonna try to hide it. Not even a little. While I love to read, do the occasional craft (like today – I’m spray painting lamps!), or cook an elaborate dinner, I really love curling up under a blanket and getting lost in someone else’s drama.

New fall tv, friends! Yes, I’m rolling my eyes at all you typical Guelphies who are all “I’m too good for TV”. (internet friends, I live in a serious hippie town.) Pish posh. Like I’ve mentioned, I will happily shake my bootay at 8am so I don’t have to do it in the evening.

So, what am I watching this season? (Spoiler: no, I have never seen a show on HBO or those other fancy US stations. With the exception of Big Bang Theory, I have never seen anything that was nominated for this year’s Emmy’s. They were in-tense.)


How I Met Your Mother – I have religiously watched this from day 1. The only thing I miss about my old job is not being able to chat HIMYM each week with my 2 faves (I’m looking at you, pookie bear). I like that it’s a small cast. No, Ted doesn’t grind my gears. No, I’m not offended Barney is a womanizer. Yes, I watched all of season 6 in one day 2 Christmases ago. Pretty sad it’s ending in May.


Hart of Dixie – you may think this is the standout “embarrassing” show I watch each week. Don’t care. Judge away (cause you probably watch ridiculous mind-numbing reality tv; and THAT, I just can’t get behind). Set in an adorable, quaint Alabama town (ROLLTIDE), it makes me want to my small-ish city and hitch a ride into the country to drink coffee and get caught up in petty drama all day long. Also, (unsurprisingly) I’m a little tv-in love with one of the main characters (gent on the far right). Like my friend Kathryn says “every girl wants to fall in love with a bad boy with a heart of gold”. Bonus: a lot of great music.

new girl

New Girl – look, I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m not impressed yet. Season one, amazing. Season two, great. Season three, lacking. I know you have it in you to get better.

mindy project

The Mindy Project – yes. Just yes. I admit I’m probably the only person on team Josh (can he come back, please? please!), but also can’t get enough Pastor Casey. Also unlike (seemingly) everyone in America, not a fan of Morgan. Mindy is my spirit animal – my much more exciting, doctor spirit animal. Have you seen Buzzfeed’s The 24 Most Relatable Mindy Lahiri Quotes from The Mindy Project? Spot on.


NCIS: Los Angeles – this is about as close to “crime drama” I can get without being up all night scared out of my mind. Mostly cause this isn’t all too creepy (I’m looking at you, Criminal Minds. Which I haven’t watched in 5-6 years since moving out on my own). Deeks has a special spot in my heart.

chicago fire

Chicago Fire – are we real life friends?  Or have you been reading along for more than, oh, a month? Then you know I have a serious weakness for Firefighters. Major swoon. I’m not a Casey + Dawson fan (dude needs to get his life in order), so let’s hope that goes nowhere. And Kelly? Oh Kelly! Swoon.

grey's anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – I bet you’re not judging the Hart of Dixie so much anymore, huh? You know when you’ve been along for the ride for so long it just seems silly to not see it through to the end, regardless of how bad it is? Yah, that’s my Grey’s Anatomy. But, can people stop dying? Not cause I cry or get all sad, but cause it’s essentially the most unrealistic thing ever. Can’t they just move away? They’re doctors for goodness sakes – transfer them to another hospital.

hawaii five-o

Hawaii Five-O – I thought this was a fairly big show last year (had the coveted after-the-Superbowl time slot), am a bit surprised it got bumped to Friday nights aka: we’re gonna cancel your show so we’re moving it to Friday night when no one (except me) watches tv cause they have real lives and are out doing things (have I mentioned we should be friends?).

And of course, September/October baseball. YES. I think I’m cheering for the Pirates. What about you? Blah, football. Even more blah, hockey. Can’t wait for NLL season.

Reality-ish TV – You won’t catch me watching any singing competitions or dance competitions. No Survivor or Big Brother. No kitchen battles. I will however tune into What Not to Wear on Friday nights (cause you know, no plans) and The Soup.  Joel McHale making fun of reality tv is better than watching the actual shows.

New for Fall – I wasn’t really interested in any of the promos, but might find The Michael J. Fox Show on OnDemand and after seeing an interview with Stuart Townsend (hel-loooo), maybe I’ll see what Betrayal has to offer on Sunday.


So, what are you watching this fall? 

ps: I’m re-watching season 4 of Rookie Blue on Sunday nights, too. I need my weekly Det. Luke Callaghan fix.


5 thoughts on “my fave: fall tv

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  2. Haven’t seen most of these, but I do like NCIS: LA. And I agree about Criminal Minds. As much as I love the show (and still watch it), there have been a few episodes in the past couple of years that I was *this* close to turning off halfway through because it was just too creepy.

    One show I’ve really enjoyed in the last couple of years is Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller is amazing as Sherlock Holmes in New York City.

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