friday, i’m in love

Friday already you say. I’ve been having one of those weeks where Tuesday felt like Wednesday and Wednesday felt like Tuesday and somehow Thursday also felt like Wednesday. Which was most strange cause I’ve actually had a pretty busy week.


Food things…good eats this week. Made that delish lemon rosemary chicken on Monday. Yah, chicken, yum, but really? The mashed potatoes were my shining star. I have been craving them for weeks (which is totally normal when it’s 30-something degrees, right?). I roasted beets, and made fajitas, and super huge egg scrambles. And then I burnt my hand on the lid I used to cover the eggs (hashtag typical). Also met my parents for steak on Tuesday. And a friend for brunch (the best meal of the day) on Thursday. I may have also bought ice cream in there somewhere.

TV things…so, new shows started this week! Who’s excited? THIS GIRL! Anyone else not super impressed with New Girl but love, love, loved The Mindy Project? Oh you too? super. I know my lovely friend Carly agrees. (Also, a big shoutout and e-hug to Carly who is sick [wahhh] but also pimped my slice of interwebz heaven over on her blog…and twitter. Cause she’s awesome. Show her a little love, ya?). Still sad Rookie Blue is over. Major cliffhanger. Major 9-f’ing-month cliffhanger. I can have a baby before we figure out what happens to Sam. (I am SO not pregnant. How many degrees away from pregnancy can you be? Like a scale of 1-10? I’m a 1 or a 0 maybe a -1)

Music things…cause I’m always late to the party, I now like Avicii’s Wake Me Up. I know, you’re probably already sick of it cause you’ve been listening to it for so long. Better late than never?

Other things…I found an amazing trail around the corner from my apartment. And then I sprained my toe that night. Majorly bruised, but I can now walk fine. Also, 10,000 years ago there was a glacier where I currently live. I had a birthday lunch with my grandma – which was amazing, cause she’s the most fabulous human being on this fine planet. I really wanted the photo up there to be of my new ________. But I can’t show you cause I got sister a matching one for her birthday. (Twinsies!*) And she won’t get it till Wednesday night. Next week.

Think I can get away with a “summer friday” this afternoon? It is still technically summer…


*fun fact: we are not twins, and she is younger than me, although everyone gets that wrong. But, even though we’re apart for oh, 10-11 months of the year, we still managed to make the EXACT SAME facial expression in response to something (can’t remember what now) at the airport in Vancouver last month. 


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