my fave: my mimi


Today’s my grandma’s 81st birthday. My Mimi. While I’m not going to see her today, we chatted this morning – early so I wouldn’t have to try 25x times before actually getting through. She laughed when I said I sprained my toe, but not before interrupting me and insisting I put the TV on “CN” (that’s CNN for everyone else) to watch the raising of the Costa Concordia.


She asked what I wanted for lunch later this week when I visit. I said it was up to her, her birthday and all; but have a feeling it’ll be my favourite pastina (that’s itty bitty noodles for you cakers) in the soup and something from the long list of things I love that she makes. She refused to let me take her grocery shopping (“Alli, you a no have-a to do for Mimi [yes, she talks in the third person…and it’s broken italian if you couldn’t tell]. You-a just come over, Mimi make-a you lunch”) and insisted I just come by for a visit later this week. As an extra treat I’m even bringing her a dress to fix.

She’s experienced more hell, heartbreak, and just crap that would make anyone break, but she takes it in stride believing that God wouldn’t give her more than she could handle.

A very happy birthday to the woman that makes me a better, stronger person.

jays hat

Isn’t she the cutest!?


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