friday, i’m in love

So, remember 4 days ago when I was all “make this iced coffee, it’s so damn hot in Southern Ontario?” Well, this morning it’s 30 degrees (CELSIUS) colder. I’m sure you think I’m complaining; actually, I’m not. I’m totally wearing that new cranberry sweater. And sipping hot coffee from one of my fave mugs.


Yes. I’m a coffee sipper. It takes me a good 2 hours to finish a cup unless I’m in a meeting or on a fake date*.

Rookie Blue’s season 4 finale was last night. I think I’m the only person who doesn’t want Andy and Sam together. I loved Andy and Nick…or really, Andy and Luke (and you probably don’t watch RB and think I’m crazy). Just more Luke in general. And Steve. Yes, keep Steve. The cliffhangers! Worst part? It doesn’t start again in a few months, oh no. I have to wait till MAY or JUNE! (you didn’t watch RB and wished you had? Season 4 is re-playing Sundays at 7 on Showcase. You’re welcome)

So I pretty much did nothing this week, partly cause I’m lame, but mostly to avoid going outside when it was so hot. I did however eat a lot of red berries and manage to pull an oblique muscle (or ovary??) with some over zealous stretching. Oh the irony.

Cute animal things? Google “monkey in a snow suit” trust me. Also, this photo. PANDAS!

Looking for some tunes on this cool (I’d-rather-be-snuggling-in-bed) Friday? Try Matt Barber. I’m particularly fond of: Soft One and Cinnamon Hearts.

* fake date = coffee with the boy you are in love with but just wants to be friends. (sidenote: I should probably get over him)

ps: birthday shopping for sister this weekend. what should I get her? can’t really fed-ex a pony…


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