my fave: gym clothes

It’s no secret, I don’t love working out. Exercising. Whatever you call it. Sure, the endorphins are in full swing and there is a brief moment of euphoria where you feel all “damn gurl, you can do anything” (that is of course until I can’t walk the next day cause “damn gurl you can do anything” usually ends with shin splints. No, dumbass, you can not run or jog or heck, even walk very quickly). And, even if I walk/gym at 8am I can’t sleep at night. And I’m cold all day. Am I doing it wrong? Can you do it wrong? (no really, someone help me out here…)


What I do love is the clothes. I’ve gone on and on and on a bit more about how much I love my #sweatpink laces (thanks sister!). And I love my yurbuds – honestly, THEY DO NOT FALL OUT (yes, yelling was necessary). What I have not gone on about (yet) is my love for the Old Navy active line*. Light and breathable and bright and way less expensive than other brand name exercise clothes (you know who you are cute canadian company whose clothes just aren’t worth it to me…mostly cause I think your pants stretch out too much and pill after every wash, and you discontinued my favourite sports bra. end rant).

Anyway, thanks Old Navy for a little extra pep in my step.


*no I’m not quite cool enough to be sponsored by any of those fine brands, I just really love them. But you know, cool exercise companies that I love so much, I’m available…


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