friday, i’m in love

(which is replacing “awesome moment of the week” cause I’m realizing I don’t really have one, glorious, outstanding moment of the week; more like a bunch of little great things that are all fabulous) 

First of all, there is a world without Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I know, cause I live in it. Pumpkin is gross but Starbucks is always awesome.


I got caught in the most epic down pour during my walk on Wednesday night (ahem, forecast said 0% precipitation). It was awesome.

Almost getting to sleep at night and then “you know that we are still young…” pops into my head. Ahh, love, but I want to sleep. Also, really weird dreams lately – getting eaten by a shark, the crush was dating woman with a kid, former coworker on What Not to Wear.

I generally hate eating the same thing for dinner on consecutive days. But, I’ve had quiche and a tomato-cucumber salad every freaking day for supper this week and love it. I’ve also had grilled cheese (raisin bread with extra old cheddar) and a side of sliced white nectarine every day for lunch. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Obviously continuing my need for conformity, I cleaned/organized all the closets (clothes, coat, linen) this week. Also organized my files, including utility bills, taxes, insurance, all my volunteer stuff, and old files I brought home from my past 2 jobs. (yes, if you pay me, I will do this for you too)

Rookie Blue ends (for the season) next week, and I don’t know what to do with myself. I guess all the new shows start soon, and I’ll be ok. But for now, I’m sad. (Also, yes, I really love tv. I workout in the morning or at lunch as to never feel guilty for watching Gilmore Girls reruns over dinner or swooning over story lines well into the evening)

I also know I already mentioned my love for 3 Wishes by Dave Thomas Jr. but um….it’s on a fairly continuous loop in my house in the afternoons. This + Let Your Heart Hold Fast + With a Girl Like You = the most perfect chill afternoon trio.

This is only my second September not going back to school or working on a University campus. It’s great. I worked in Student Affairs, and I definitely do NOT miss everything associated with “back to school”.

Bestie got back from vacation on Wednesday night; on Thursday morning emailed me: “work is hard. when is naptime? I miss vacation.” To which I responded “the only acceptable answer is: where’s my rich husband?! Working is so 2013 when all I wanna be is so 1963 (but you know, with internet and cable)”.

So, what’s been great this week for you?

ps: easiest quiche recipe – 6 eggs, 1 cup of milk + whatever else you like; pour into a round baking dish, 400 degrees, 40 minutes. 


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