awesome moment of the week

…um, there wasn’t really one awesome moment. I had a fairly uneventful week. I had a great food week though:

There were the cookies, obvs.

I made the most delicious lemon-basil chicken earlier this week – marinated 2 chicken breasts in about 1-2 tablespoons oil, fresh juice from 2 lemons, and about 10 torn basil leaves for the afternoon. Yup, STILL loving all things lemon.


I made a delicious smoothie for breakfast this morning! chunks of watermelon and 2 oranges (juice, a few peels, and all the innards post juicing). YUM!

No new songs this week. A new Rookie Blue (Luke’s back!), got to spend some time last weekend with my Aunt from Texas (she’s pint size, 67, and says things like “You know Dale and Frances, right? He drove [race cars] with John and she was the total bitch.”)

Oh, and food & fun related. My friend Emily and I went to ribfest in Guelph last Sunday night. I was hesitant because being the old lady that I am, I figured it would be busy and overpriced. But I do love me some BBQ. Well, Sunday night is the perfect time to go. Not too many people, and the cashier gave us a deal since they were closing in 90 minutes. Is it bad that I loved the coleslaw and only liked the ribs? Ribs + ferris wheel = date night!


Happy long weekend y’all. Play safe.

ps: who’s super pumped she doesn’t have to work a UofG move-in day anymore? THIS GIRL! 


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