my fave: a love letter…

…to a boy I haven’t met and a store I hardly go into

Dear adorably cute ginger strumming his acoustic guitar on the front stoop: I’m pretty sure I love you. We’ve never met; at least I don’t think so. Although, I have been to a party at the house you now live in. How’s that for a meet-cute? Sing me a song one day, won’t you? xox


Dear West Elm: I don’t think you know this about me but when I can’t sleep I look through the Ikea catalog and browse your website. While I still need to paint 2 rooms, everything else is finished. I love the idea of decorating the most beautiful, perfect new bedroom in my mind. One that won’t keep me up at night, tossing and turning. The thing is West Elm, I visited your Seattle store earlier this month and now I’d like to win the lotto and redecorate my entire home. You’re looking real good these days. xox


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