awesome moment of the week


I had an fabulous visit from my lovely friend Katelyn. Patio lunch and drinks followed by ice cream by the river is a pretty great way to spend a Tuesday.

I read “The Engagements” by J. Courtney Sullivan; a fiction novel following 4 different engagements that brought to life some of my inner monologue on why maybe traditional marriage isn’t for me. Really loved this book.

By now I’m probably somewhere near the Niagara Region on my way to Buffalo with Dad for some shopping, lunch, and to pick up his sister from the airport. After that, a little famjam at the lake; Mom has frozen margaritas we need to drink…


ps: I’d never had a macaron before Seattle. dammit. lemon macaron, you own my heart. Le Painer is beside the original Starbucks across from the Market – GO! the pain au chocolat is also fabulous! 
pps: read J. Courtney Sullivan’s “Maine” on my many plane rides earlier this month, great summer read.


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