awesome moment of the week


There was dinner at my grandmas after I arrived home on Monday; she made soup with my favourite noodles and my favourite lemon-rosemary baked chicken. I love the preferential treatment I get over the rest of the family who also showed up for dinner.

I downloaded some new (new to my playlist, likely old or never heard of to you) tunes. These 6 songs have been on repeat for the last 3 days. I love them so much. I can’t get enough of: Country Grown – FM Radio, 5-1-5-0 – Dierks Bentley (thank you Seattle Mariners, I’ve been singing this for a week+), Cruise – Florida Georgia Line f. Nelly, Let Your Heart Hold Fast – Fort Atlantic, Control Myself – LL Cool J f. J-LO (I love a good wayback playback), and With a Girl Like You – The Troggs (wayerback playbacks, even better. thanks sister).

I bought myself roses. Not only were they on sale, they’re huge, smell beautiful, and they’re bright pink.

Can’t not love a new episode of Rookie Blue. But seriously, more Luke. More Luuuuuuke!

And Momma is coming for a visit this afternoon.

Have a great weekend, lovas!



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