my fave: Blue Jays baseball in Seattle

It’s like being at a home game!

While in Seattle last week, sis and I went to watch the Jays beat up on the Mariners (gojaysgo). Safeco Field is amazing! They’ve perfected the mix of retractable roof + real grass and comfy seats and reasonably priced tickets and really delicious soft pretzels (hold the salt).

2013-08-06 20.15.19

I’ve got a solution for the Mariners 2013 record low attendance issues…..plays the Jays more often! The park was easily 70% young adults from Western Canada making the trip down to see their home team. Sis and I, a couple of Toronto girls, were pumped to see Reyes hit a homer, stunning King Felix on the first pitch of the game. With a huge diving catch from my man Colby Rasmus (followed by a really, really embarrassing one…it’s ok Colbes, we won’t talk about it) and a great outing by my favourite pitcher JJ, Josh Joshnson to you, (his 2 wins, both games I’ve been at. Also, I get you, you probably want to see him traded, but I love the kid. Root, root, root for the underdog!) led to a 7-2 Jays win and a lot of happy fans.

2013-08-06 22.11.18safeco

Like baseball? Making a trip to the west coast? Definitely plan for when the Jays are in Seattle.  Tickets are easy to come by, but book your hotel early…there will be an extra 15-20,000 people in town for the same reason.


ps: personal, snotty observation. If you’re going to the game at 7pm why, oh why, are you sporting Jays gear all day? Do you not sweat? (which, kudos, it was like 30 degrees). Toronto peeps, it’s easy to meet new friends in Seattle, they’re all wearing Jays tees and hats. But seriously, thousands of ’em.


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