my fave: vacation

I arrived or departed 8 times in 8 days from 4 different airports.

Sister and I walked many kilometers discovering parts of Seattle. We drank lots of coffee (ok, I drank lots of coffee), indulged in doughnuts or croissants pretty much every day, marveled over the most beautiful flowers at the market, watched the sun creep toward the Sound through 4 rotations of the ferris wheel, didn’t contract any diseases adding dr. pepper hubba bubba to the gum wall. We laid in the grass by the space needle and spent our last morning people watching by the water. We found an urban garden of blue trees and sipped bellinis on a hot afternoon. We watched the Jays win at Safeco Field!

DSC_0412 DSC_0480

More coffee and more doughnuts in Calgary. (Sidenote 1: we did a lot of walking; also, I pretty much just bought fruit and veggies at the grocery store this morning. Sidenote 2: Calgary, damn gurl! You’re coffee is real good.) Sister satisfied my intense Cactus Club craving (twice in 4 days. so. much. love). We (and every tourist in Alberta) hit up the Banff-Lake Louise area on Saturday.  I’ve been to Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff so last weekend sis took me to Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, and Bow Lake. Effff, Alberta. You’re so gosh darn beautiful.

DSC_0822 2013-08-10 12.36.12


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