my fave: blurred lines

Yep, still eating my way through Seattle. Visiting the Market. Strolling by the water. More selfies. Lovin’ life on the west coast.

Unless you live under a rock (it’s cool, I usually do, too), I know you’ve already heard Blurred Lines. Heck, I’ve already told you it’s my summer jam. (wait! who says shit like that? ugh, not me…) it’s my most fave summer song. Yes, it’s super weird to watch Dr. Jason Seaver’s look-a-like spawn (I heart you if you know what I’m referring to) get real creepy with a bunch of sometimes clothed ladies…

And flashing #THICKE across the screen every 10 seconds is strange.

What isn’t strange? This version:

Love Jimmy! 

ps: back to Calgary tomorrow. Maybe chat later? Maybe chat next week when I’m back home. 


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