my fave: rookie blue

I’m over on the west coast, brunching, maybe picnicing, potentially snapping a cute selfie, probably eating a donut. Possibly all four. So, here I am late on a Friday night (no, I have no plans, wanna be friends? come entertain me!) in front of my computer, waiting for laundry to dry (life of the party, I swear) and writing this before I leave because I have to tell you about my new fave summer show.


Every summer I seem to adopt something to keep me company on random week nights, this summer it was Rookie Blue. A Canadian “crime drama” shot in Toronto that airs 13 episodes from June through September. It’s currently in season 4. Which, (obvs), means I’m catching up with past episodes on my ipad (thank you GlobalTV app for having all the past episodes for FREE!) every night.

Season 1 and half of season 2 are done. In a week. WHAT? (only 13 episodes each. leave me alone)

I’m also, maybe, a little (a lot) in love with Luke. (A Rookie Blue fan? yes, I know what happens! no, I am NOT happy!)

ps: riiiight?! c’mon. love. 



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