awesome moment of the week

I’ll likely be waiting in a security line in 48 hours and I am so excited I can hardly sleep. (Wait, not about security…sweet, innocent me, smiles, says good morning and gets tagged for a “random search” most of the time.) Totally the kid in the DisneyLand commercial who is all “I’m too excited to sleep”. Seriously.


We arrive in Seattle Sunday evening, still making it this week, making it (definitely) the most awesome thing that is going to happen this week (it’s been snore city so far).

4 days of glorious of Seattle vacation with sister (eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I miss her so much. I’ve probably said “I’m so excited” so much it’s lost all meaning, but SO. EXCITED!) and then 2 days in Calgary and 2 days in the mountains.

moraine lake

Isn’t that photo beautiful? Sis took it when Mom was visiting last month. I could cry it’s so breath-taking. (I’m also really emotional right now…I may have cried at the end of Pitch Perfect…and That Thing You Do…might have. Totally did.)


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