my fave: an excursion list

As promised, I’ll share a little more of my crazy with you today. In addition to a solid pre-vacation packing list, I (with sister’s input…she’s always my vacation partner) brainstorm a list/scour the interwebz for fun things to do and yummy places to eat.

I’ve learned the way to have the most fun is to be prepared in advance but not have a plan we need to follow once we hit the ground.

2013-08-01 10.14.32

In preparation for Seattle, I’ve figured out what train (and cost) we need to get on to take us from the airport to hotel, the location/cost/hours of places we may want to go (space needle, ferris wheel, city tours), I’ve found parks to have picnics in (and the Whole Foods to buy picnic supplies), and jotted down intersections of a few Vintage stores, a shopping mall, Target, a yoga studio sister was interested in, and a few restaurants.

public market

Will we knock off everything on the list? Maybe. Maybe not, Doesn’t really matter, but doing a bit of leg work has saved us from showing up somewhere after it’s closed and enabled us to decide which touristy places we really want to spend money on and the ones where a cute photo outside will suffice.

Happy travelling!


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