my fave: a packing list

It’s no secret that I’m a little OCD when it comes to….well, everything slightly organizational or planny. I excel at pre-vacation research; not only the best flight price and hotel with the best value, but also scouring the interwebz for best brunch, locations of shops we might like, hours and cost of popular excursions. More on that tomorrow…


And the packing list. My sweet, sweet packing list, broken down into four categories: clothes, accessories, extra, and plane. You can call me crazy (it’s cool, I get it) and maybe constructing a detailed packing list isn’t your thing, but this ensures I don’t forget a charger or even a plane snack.

I list everything I want to wear; if it says “4 shirts” I leave four spaces and narrow down exactly which four shirts I’m packing. Clothes also includes socks and undergarments, pjs, and shoes.

Everything from a ballcap (gojaysgo) and scarf to my makeup bag (don’t forget your sunscreen), belt, watch, green necklace, sunglasses, and umbrella (which, if the weather report stays the same, I may not need….woooo!).

All the electronics and chargers (phone, ipad, ipod, camera), also allergy meds, aspirin, USB key, and those little reusable bags that fit into your purse. Travelling out of the country? Don’t forget a copy of your out of country insurance. I also make sure I have the addresses of friends I’m sending postcards to.

If you have a carry on, keep it light (but efficient). The list includes passport, boarding passes, gum, chapstick, headphones, hair elastic, scarf (it’s always cool on the plane, and doubles as a pillow if needed), magazine, and snack. If you are checking your bag, consider a bigger plane bag and toss in a sweater, maybe an extra pair of undies, better to plan ahead for lost luggage.

I start the packing list a good week in advance and add/remove items as necessary. I’m leaving for Seattle Sunday morning, I don’t have anything packed, but do know what needs to go in the laundry – cause who needs a midnight laundry haul the night before you depart because you forgot to wash your favourite t-shirt?

Hope this helps on your next trip! Now, is there something I’m forgetting?


4 thoughts on “my fave: a packing list

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