awesome moment of the week

You know that time…

…when you can’t get a good night sleep; when your mind wanders during your morning workout; when your stomach is too full of butterflies to even consider eating breakfast?

…when you smile to yourself in the mirror putting on mascara; when you painstakingly pick out the perfect “casual cool girl” outfit.

…when the hug is a little tighter and a little closer; when you hope your un-born children inherit his dimples; when those butterflies flip flop again and again when he double checks that your finger isn’t infected (it’s not).

That look. Those eyes. The smile (g’damn, those dimples).

Oh right.


you guuuuuys! I tried so hard to kick the habit (the habit, of course, is being a little too in love with a certain someone who’d like to just be pals).  I went cold turkey for months. I was on vacation, he was working, I was spending a lot of time in Toronto and Mississauga and the Lake, he was working, I was busy with Relay, he was working, and then, the stars aligned and we met for a late morning catch up earlier this week (ps: late morning “dates” are code for “we’re just friends”).

And the l-o-v-e came flooding back.

Damn. Crush still on.


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