my fave-ish: more of the same

It’s been pretty run of the mill ’round these parts lately.  A quiet weekend – morning walks, laundry, cleaned my apartment (eeep, that was long overdue), reading on the balcony, watching Jays games, the usual.

Monday was back to Brampton (work this time, not lacrosse…but where I needed to go for work juuuust happened to be beside a Menchies; froyo for lunch, yo), then Mississauga for some puppy sitting, and then back to Guelph.


Since it isn’t 45C anymore (super pumped), I sat outside after I got home last night to watch the last bit of the sun set.  Beautiful.

So, not my fave? I have a single cup Keurig and completely forgot to put the cup under the drip this morning (who does that??….don’t answer that).  Coconut creme pie flavoured coffee puddle, anyone? Cup number two was delicious, though.

Really, all that was to say “remember there are most definitely simple, every day things that can make you smile”.  Not coffee puddles though.  They make you curse.


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