awesome moment of the week

Kitty cuddles! We’ve been without a cat for a few years now, but my moniker of “cat whisperer” holds up.  Dad is dog and cat sitting for old neighbours and I’ve been here a few days this week for company and for a closer place to stay after lacrosse games.  Watching TV with a little kitty (ok, she’s 17, but whatever) curled up in your lap purring is the best.


Going back to a Brampton Excelsiors lacrosse game on Thursday night and seeing my fave fella back in the lineup.  Which provoked this text convo:

     Me: True. I don’t care if they win or lose, I just love when I get to watch Dan

     Carly: …get dirty and drop the mittens 🙂

Ah, she knows me so well.

And lastly, I love the messy, beachy hair I’m rocking. (In the evening, shower, towel dry, spritz with frizz-free spray then sea salt/beachy wave spray, french braid into pigtails and sleep…in the morning, shake out)


This is 24 hours later, but still loving how easy it is.  Especially since it is STILL over 40C.  Yes, that’s 6 days in a row.  effff. (I also look marginally rested for someone who had the top 5 worst sleeps ever last night)


Happy weekend, y’all.  What’s been awesome for you this week?


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