(kinda) my fave: shopping

I love swinging a new shopping bag down the hallways of a mall as much as the next girl, but more often than not, I walk out empty handed cursing my least favourite body part of the day.

Sister and I are headed to Seattle (then I’m stopping into Calgary with her before headed home) in 2.5 weeks.  I love pre-vacation shopping.  (And yes, I’m pre-vacation shopping 2.5 weeks early cause I’ve already mentally packed my suitcase and it seems I need some new things).  Did I find a new top to wear with my black capris? Nope.  How about a casual dress for Seattle? Nope. Did I find the cutest fall blazer and a polka dot skirt and 2 scarves and a fall clutch? Why yes, yes I did. Were they collectively less than $60? Um, hells yes.

blazer accessories skirt

While I wasn’t looking for these items yesterday, I have been looking for a blazer for about 4 years (maybe 5).  Without getting into body-shaming, I have narrow shoulders, an ample bosom, and a short torso…aka: the most awful combination for blazers.  Them boom! when I’m not looking, a $79.50 marked down to $49.99 marked down to $19.99 (!!!) beauty falls into my discount-loving arms.  SOLD! (ahem, dear nice gentlemen:  I’m not particularly looking for you at the moment either, but if one of you jumped into my cart, I’d be ok with that)

So, yes, 44C heat is the perfect time to buy fall wear because while everyone else is searching for new sandals, bikinis, and shortie shorts, I snagged the last soon-to-be-a-first lady blazer, last grey/teal scarf, and last hunter green/navy clutch available in Guelph.  I may be sweating now, but I’ll be smiling come October.

ps: if you live somewhere that actually gets cool at night (aka: not Ontario this week, ick), head over to Smart Set; their scarves are 50% off and seriously, so cute, and light weight.  That’s where I got mine – the navy was $3.50 and teal/gray was $6.50.  


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