my fave: lemon

Remember when I was all coconut all the time? It’s still great – Hewitt’s hasn’t had coconut ice cream the last 2 visits, and I actually left.  If there’s no coconut, then why bother?!

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up; I’m still all for that.

But also…


ALL THINGS LEMON.  Back to Hewitt’s for a moment.  The day the had coconut ice cream and lemon sherbet was pretty much the best day of my life.  Definitely (probably) the happiest day of the week.  (Side note: when you are single and childless you don’t have to pretend that your wedding/birth of your children were the best days of your life when really, it was the day your favourite ice cream parlour had your favourite flavors in stock)

There was last week’s strawberry lemonade.  Which, was a bit too sour, add more sugar.  Lemon greek yougart with fresh raspberries is my current favourite thing to have for breakfast.  And the lemon italian ice? SO.GOOD! Keep in mind it’s also a billion degrees (or a humidex of 40C…which is essentially the same as a billion) and cold lemony flavoured things are so refreshing.



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