awesome moment of the week

Even though I really didn’t have anywhere to go/any plans or appointments, I wanted to go to all the places, just so I could drive my pretty girl around town.

A friend who I don’t see as often as I would like to invited me to be his date for a summerlicious lunch on Sunday.  Followed by, perhaps, some patio drinks. Can’t wait.

Not awesome? Catching an almost open can of corn on your pinky.  Hello an hour of bleeding (which caused me to lose all colour, hyperventilate, then puke.  Anemia is great, y’all).  Then I called my parents for some sympathy and got dad on the phone, he’s as big a suck as I am.  Followed by B12 and iron pills, big bandage, paper towel and masking taping my fingers together for the night, I’m still a little ouchy, but better.  (Don’t worry, I won’t show you a pic, but did put it on the instagram


Watched the SF Giants game last night till well after 1am, then woke up at 7 (ugh).  I don’t need an excuse for a morning run over to Starbucks, but figured not enough sleep and a sore finger was a good one.  Starbucks FTW.


What’s great in your neck of the woods? 


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