my fave: strawberry lemonade

Is there anything better than Ontario Strawberries? I picked up a pint from a roadside stand outside a farm on the way home from the lake on Sunday.

Now, fresh strawberries are great and all, ripened in the sun, super sweet, but can be a bit soft sometimes.


Enter current lemon obsession and a brilliant, refreshing, lunchtime bevvie.

Strawberry Lemonade (for 1)
3 large lemons
about 10 very small strawberries
1 teaspoon of sugar (or equal/splenda/etc) or more depending on how sweet you like it

Squeeze lemons into a blender. Add strawberries and sugar. Blend until smooth.
Pour through strainer (to catch pulp and seeds)
Optional: top with lemon sparkling water


Pairs fabulously with caprese salad.  And popcorn.  And I have a sneaking suspicion it would be tasty on a hot summer afternoon with a splash of your favourite liquor.

Pucker up!


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