my fave: my new car

Saturday.  A momentous day in it’s own right.  But also new car day.

I may have woken up chuckling to myself as “you get a car. you get a car. EVERYBODY GETS A NEW CAR!” rang through my head (Oh, Oprah).


You guuuuys! It doesn’t sound like a mix of a 747 and space shuttle about to take flight.  Nothing is rusty.  The brakes don’t grind or squeak.  Instead, there is a panoramic sunroof, XM Radio, and a cooled glove box (right!?).  And lots of other great safety features.  Most likely.  I glazed over those in favour of all the cool free stuff included.  Did I mention cooled glove box…I have the option to keep a beverage cool.  Props, Koreans.

So, um, who wants to go tailgating?


ps: Yes it’s a hatchback.  No, I don’t want to help you move or pick up stuff on a Saturday at Ikea.

pps: Ain’t she a cutie.  She needs a name.  Unlike the “everybody gets a new car” scene that played out in my head, she will not be named Oprah.  Obviously, my first thought was “greased lightning”, but that’s a little long and ripe with sexual innuendo, and I don’t want to blush (hardcore) every time I think about my car.


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