my fave: ‘murica

Happy 4th, y’all!


There are many, many, many reason I love our beautiful neighbour to the south; including (but not limited to):

  • cherry coke (and no, Dr. Pepper is not the same.  I also quite love the Doc, but I can pick some of that up at the grocery store)
  • the most outrageous and stunning fireworks displays
  • the plethora of military officials airports (hot damn)
  • the Boston Blazers (RIP)

IMG_2875 SAM_0424

  • my (and sister’s) fabulous vacations to Boston and Chicago (also, Chicago mix popcorn – which you can buy at Costco, fyi)
  • NYC and LA for the great TV shows I enjoy every week, also, the occasional good movie you throw my way
  • Seattle – you know what’s up when it comes to coffee (ps: see you soon!)
  • Georgia.  More specially, St. Simons Island.  I love you and your beach, and BBQ, and palm trees (you might be sliiiightly love long the confederacy, but your battle grounds are pretty cool)
  • the birthplace of rock n’ roll (Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly fo life, yo)


I heart your patriotism and your National Anthem (but “OKBlueJays” 7th inning stretch is better than “Sweet Caroline” at a RedSox game), and the way you stretch out a holiday on a Thursday (Thanksgiving included) to be a 4 day extra long weekend.


ps: Adopt me? Throw a well-to-do nice American boy my way (one with some good health insurance).

pps: Nice American boy, I’ll bring you wine gums, coffee crisp, and all dressed chips. 

ppps: We can then go for a nice long walk on the beach. 


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