my fave: tao of martha

So, remember when I put “anything Jen Lancaster” on my summer reading list? Well, I took my own advice, snagged The Tao of Martha from the library and devoured it sitting out by the lake last week.


You’ll love it.  You’ll laugh (actually laugh of loud) a lot.  You’ll cry if you’re a “dog person” (heck a feeling, compassionate human being), and you’ll want to glitter everything in your house.  ev-er-y-thing! Can’t wait for glitter pumpkins – which, I imagine is the only way I’ll tolerate pumpkins.

I also re-read Summer Sister at the lake.  Then Perks of Being a Wallflower; and I’ve only said this once before (in reference to The Notebook), I thought the movie was better than the book.  I rounded out the week of reading (yes, 4 books, 7 days) with Lethal by Sandra Brown.

So, what else should I gobble up (metaphorically speaking; books, not turkeys) this summer?  I just got The Last Camelia from the libs and downloaded another Sandra Brown book, Low Pressure, to the ipad.  

ps: GLITTER PUMPKINS! I’m not over it.  This is happening. 


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