my fave: yesterday’s sunday funday

Summer arrived on Friday with lots of sunshine and a heatwave.  Oh goodness.  It’s hawt!  After laying low most of Friday and Saturday, I was mega excited for Sunday!


Kathryn and I headed out to the Jays game yesterday afternoon for Cottage in the City – beach towel giveaway day.  $14 ticket, $22 towel; yup, sounds like a great idea to me.  Instead of sitting way up in the nosebleeds, we hung out in the 100 level deck, chatting up strangers, joining in on the GOJAYSGO chants, and making faces with the cutest baby!

Chatting up strangers sure has its perks.  A very, very sweet couple came back to cool off (hello 40+C humidex yesterday) halfway through the game and opted to watch the game from there and the new outfield lounge and gave us their tickets!

adamlind   colbyHR

Their shaded, 28 rows directly behind home plate seats! We root-root-rooted for the home team for 4 very enthusiastic innings. (Jays won 13-4, 11 in a row, baby)

A train ride.  A drive through the country.  Some ice cream (watermelon sherbet and coconut…you can’t not get it).  And now I’m hanging out up at the lake for a few days while my parents are away.



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