my fave: tomato corn salad

I’m picky.  A picky eater mostly.  Well, kinda.  I like tons of things; but somehow when people list the ingredients in a dish, there is inevitably something I can’t stand.  Mushrooms, squash, zucchini, cilantro, shrimp (and most seafood), olive oil, chickpeas (I’m looking at you too, hummus), meatloaf, sweat potatoes, frozen peas, feta, goat cheese, black pepper, and salmon top my list of foods I really, really don’t like.  Yes, I’ve tried them all, and no, I just can’t stomach them.

With a long list of things I’m not fond of, I’m always surprised when I get texts/emails from sis and friends saying “I’m going to a bbq/party/etc, and need to bring an appetizer (app-e-teezer for my HIMYM lovers out there)/dessert/side”.  Pickiness aside, I’ve watched a lot of Food Network, and can always suggested something delicious even if I wouldn’t eat it (like bbq salmon and asparagus with caprese-quinoa salad).

Among other things, I suggested tomato and corn salad to sis last week.  I’ve never made it before, but it sure sounded good.  So, as I headed to my own bbq potluck on Tuesday night, tomato corn salad is exactly what I concocted.

tomato corn salad

OMG. Y’all!

Potluck size included:
3 pints cherry tomatoes, cut in half
2 cans of peaches and cream corn (absolutely use a few (lots?) ears of fresh corn if you have time)
200g container of mini bocconcini (36 mini balls) cut in half
2 peaches, diced into small cubes
a bunch of basil, cut into small ribbons

Cut everything up, toss with just enough (aka: a very light pour) balsamic vinaigrette to coat and salt and pepper to your liking (I don’t add salt or pepper to anything I make, so, I can’t tell you how much).  

Refridgerate a few hours and serve cold or room temperature (I liked it better cold). 

Enjoy! Please, please, please make this for your next bbq and then tell me how much of a genius I am cause it’s your new fave summer side dish.  I like praise.  I’d also like to be invited to your bbq.  Praise or invite, whatever works for you.


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