(not) my fave: “those days”

I had a great day yesterday; visited my Mimi, did a little shopping, went to another lacrosse game, and chatted a bit with sis (a late night fave).  I woke up on the right side of the bed.  Got a decent 8 hours of sleep.  Did some laundry.  By the time I was hungry for breakfast, my stomach was churning and really cold yougart and really cold iced coffee were the only things that didn’t induce a gag reflex.

I’m feeling off today.  As lunch rolled around, only cold and refreshing things were sounding good again (hello mango-strawberry smoothie).  My stomach is still aching, doing flip-flops at the thought of a meal.  There’s construction going on outside.  Emergency Services vehicles with sirens wailing going up and down the street (the one time living <1km from a firehouse sucks).

Work is really quiet today, so, that’s good.  The lack of emails allowed me to walk over to the library to return a book and video (rent/stream/borrow Perks of Being a Wallflower – so great), and over to the post office to mail a card for a friend.

bright side

On the bright side, it’s sunny with a breeze, no thunderstorms in sight.  On the bright side, I have plans to go on a river walk and take my dad to lunch tomorrow.  On the bright side, I know it’s ok to have an off day cause tomorrow is probably gonna be great (and if not, that’s ok too).


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