my fave: lunch lately

I’m a bit persnickety about grapes.  I love them, like really love them……..if they’re crisp.  There can’t be anything worse than mushy grapes.  Well, maybe mealy apples.  Even worse, mealy peaches/nectarines.


I’ve been rocking this lunch a few days a week for the last few weeks – raisin and cranberry focaccia with melted extra old white cheddar.  Always with a heaping side of fruit – mango, peach, apple, and today, grapes.  Really crunchy grapes.

Other lunch faves include: quiche (made some this week, too), guacamole, prosciutto-caprese sammies, and lets be honest, cereal.

Since I seem to struggle for good lunch ideas, what are some of your go-to mid-day meals?


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