my fave: a workout buddy

I love getting out for morning walks (which sounds like I’m 87, but I’m not a fan of running. ouch), but with sis here last week, I switched up the boring 4km route by my house.  Instead of simply hitting the pavement, we:

Went for a few walks along the Speed River


It’s so gorgeous and half has gravel instead of concrete, my shins were so happy.

And then did diy bootycamp in the Arborteum

bootcamp2 bootcamp3 bootcamp1

For the record, I was smiling cause I was happy I didn’t puke (it was touch and go for about 11 minutes).  Bootycamp whoops your ass.  2x a 16minute circut is NOT easy.  The photos were taken during a round of “superman stretches”.  Which I made up.  It consists of laying in the grass – if you want to get technical, laying in the grass on your stomach with arms stretched out in front of you.  Superman stretches are a great back stretch, but mostly buys time while you remind your brain of how exactly legs work.

And then we took Riley for a walk/play on the beach (wet sinky sad = sore legs)


And then an early morning hike at Starkey Hill


Which is wonderful.  Well, it was wonderful in the fall.  Last Friday there were eighty billion (actual number. I counted) mosquitoes. Pro: an added arm workout of swatting mosquitoes.  Con: mosquitoes.  Pro: it is pretty.  Con: it’s only pretty if you aren’t wanting the get the hell out asap because of aforementioned mosquitoes.  Tip: save the slightly dewey, covered in a canopy of trees hiking trails for the fall.

But the best part? (other than having someone to talk to so you aren’t the dork lip synching on semi-busy streets)

may252013 may 27 2013

#thuglife selfies.



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