my fave: for the love of long weekends

I’m not sure you could ask for a more beautiful weekend in Southern Ontario.  Weatherwise, it was hot and sunny and the threat of thunderstorms held off until late Monday night.

magazinesI’ve had a hectic few weeks and have something going on every weekend till the end of June (I think), so opted to stay home instead of head to the lake.

I slept well.  Read magazines and a book (the one above – it was great) on the patio.  Had leisurely breakfasts. And went out for my morning walks.

starbucks shoes walk

Sipped Starbucks and sat in the park. (still managed a mini burn with SPF60, oy).

Went to the cinema to watch 42 (OMG, so amazing.  If you’re not a “baseball person” you should still see this) and then maybe I snuck into the next theatre just as The Great Gatsby was starting.

42 gatsby

I watched some baseball on the teevee (which, if I swivel to the right can be seen from the shady spot on my balcony).  I had a nap.  And listened to some oldies.

Had some delicious salads and a little bit of ice cream.






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