awesome moment of the week

This sammie.


All the credit for this goes to my sister.  She made us these on my last visit to Calgary and it’s just the best sandwich one can make in their kitchen.

I’ve had it for lunch twice this week (I’d probably have it everyday if fresh buffalo mozzarella weren’t so darn expensive)

Caprese Sandwich w/ Prosciutto

  • ciabatta bun
  • a few slices of prosciutto (layer these on each side of your cut bun)
  • between the prosciutto, layer thick cut tomato, then some fresh basil leaves, and fresh buffalo mozzarella with a drizzle of your favourite balsamic vinegar (mine is fig-balsamic, another introduction from sister)

Yes! you have to layer it like this; the prosciutto on each end keeps the bread from getting soggy.

nom-nom-nom.  enjoy!


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