awesome moment of the week

It wasn’t a thing.  Or a purchase.  Or an event.  Or a great meal.  Or a new baked good.

It was a feeling.  No wait, stay with me, keep reading, I’m not a huge hippy, I promise.  A self-realization if you will.

love it all in(sister posted this last week, and it has been just about my favourite thing in the whole world.  I put it on instagram.  I put it on my fridge.  I want to see this everyday)

Right, so, it’s been a hectic few weeks.  I don’t really know how it’s almost mid-May.  Somehow, amid chaos, on the days I’m actually at my house, I’ve been able to settle into a routine.  For the first time in a long time I’ve tried to set goals (no, no, not make them…I just thought about them.  Which for me, is a huge first step).  I’ve thought about the future without necessarily dwelling on the past.

Sometimes being a grown up (who still totally does not do her own taxes and leaves investing to the pros…one step at a time) isn’t so bad.

So, on this day (ahem….my 1/2 birthday), everything is pretty awesome.


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