my fave: coconut

I used to tell people I was allergic to coconut so I wouldn’t get stuck with the coconut timbit on kids’ birthdays in elementary school.  (I may still tell people I’m allergic to mushrooms so they are never anywhere near me.  It’s a fungus.  ewww.)

But now? Now I can’t get enough.

coconut whip


I had a great brunch on Sunday; buttermilk waffles (eggos. what? I’m lazy, and they’re delicious) with warm strawberry compote and coconut whipped “cream”.  I followed this recipe, (with a few tweaks – I omitted the maple syrup, but did pour in some of the coconut water, you need something, it’s too thick & un-creamy otherwise).

With the addition of a little cold coffee (instead of coconut water or maple syrup) is a great addition to my made-at-home iced coffee.

coconut foods hewitts

There’s also, of course. lots of coconut milk in my fridge, greek yougart (eeee! new, haven’t tried it yet), ice cream from Hewitts, and coconut cream pie coffee.   And there’s the banana-coconut muffins sister made in March (um, how great would these be turned into a cupcake with the addition of coconut whipped cream?!)

If you’re not in coconut overload just quite yet may I suggest splashing some Malibu into your tropical sangria.  delish.



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