awesome finds of the week

You may have seen over on sister blog that this has been a less than stellar week for the fam.  A sudden death in the family has had me helping my Mom clean out (or attempt to clean out – it’s literally caked in at least 7 years of dust) my grandparents house and arrange a funeral.  Amid long days, long drives, at least 7 years of dust and grime, there have been a few shining moments.

First, I spent three days with my Mom.  That doesn’t happen too often.


I finally got my hands on a stack of old family photos.  (my cutie pie little momma is on the bottom left of the center photo)

The WW2 Soldier’s Service and Pay Book (on the left) was at the bottom of a dresser drawer and the Work Record from Belgium in 1951 (right) was hidden behind a family photo in a frame.  I tear up knowing these are in my possession.


Are kids supposed to have memories from when they were three and a half?  That’s when my nonno died.  But I can so vividly remember picking tomatoes with him in the backyard garden and “finding” boxes Glosette peanuts in the side pocket of his chair.


Isn’t he just the most handsome man you’ve ever seen? 

It’s weeks like this I remind myself the sun is shining somewhere on grey days, you just have to travel a bit further or get above the clouds.  You have to search for it; but it’s there.  I won’t remember this week because of the death but because it was the week I found these family treasures.


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