awesome buys of the week

There really is no way to sugar coat this.  My heart (and wallet) belong to Target.  Target in the States, Target in Canada; doesn’t really matter.  I love you.


I’m doing a little redecorating – Mom and Dad are taking my current couches to the lake and I’m finally bringing my favourite couch (which has been banished to my bedroom for the last 4 years) back to the family room.  Along with the couches are going my old throw pillows.  They were in perfect condition, still go with the decor, but I really needed a reason to buy those 2 pillows (ON SALE!) above.


Of course I needed to replace the 7 year old $14.99 IKEA staple side table with this beauty.  Deeply discounted.  Extremely gorgeous.


And everyone needs a new gold stripe notebook to match their (fabulous) gold chevron ipad case.  Right? Right!

There were also plenty of toasted coconut almonds, cherry coke, and piña colada jello purchased in Buffalo on Wednesday.


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